A collage made using a photograph by Joyce Wieland and images from the Michael Snow's film La Région Centrale, by Naci Emre Boran.

    The viewers encounter Michael Snow’s La Région Centrale (1971) at the top of a mountain in Quebec. Before La Région Centrale, most of Snow’s films depicted interior spaces, using single camera movements, including Standard Time (1967), Wavelength (1967), and Back and Forth (1968). La Région Centrale could be interpreted as the camera’s attack on human consciousness and thinking, whereby the camera is controlled by a preprogrammed machine on top of a mountain untouched by humans, using almost all of the possibilities and directions of movement. This denunciation does not fully represent cybernetics’s move to control philosophical thinking.
Murat Akagündüz, Vertigo, exhibition view at Arter, Istanbul, 2016. Photo by Ali Taptık.

On Murat Akagündüz’s Vertigo at Arter, Istanbul

İpek Ulusoy Akgül Murat Akagündüz’s Vertigo, curated by Aslı Seven, was on view at Arter, Istanbul, between March 30 and May 15, 2016.  Murat Akagündüz’s recent “Vertigo” is not yet another landscape show. In search of a new painterly language delving into the depths of abstraction, the artist’s ‘‘Kaf’’ series (2014-2016)—13 out of 15 same-sized, white-on-white oil paintings … Continue reading

Peter Kubelka, “Concert and Dinner for Animals and Humans” Staedelschule, February 8, 1983.

A glossary for arts education: On the Home Workspace Program 2014–2015

Merve Ünsal When I was a college student in 2006, I signed up for a class taught by Peter Kubelka, the filmmaker. The name of the class was “Film, Food, and Other Arts.” The syllabus was announced before the first session; the list included Samuel Butler’s Erewhon, Konrad Lorenz’s On Aggression, Moliere’s Candide, the Bible, … Continue reading

Nancy Atakan, Passing On II, 2015. Double channel video, 4 min 12 sec.

Art as dialogue: A conversation on Nancy Atakan’s practice

Conversation: Nancy Atakan with Tuğba Esen Nancy Atakan’s monograph Passing On, edited by Nat Muller, has been recently published by Kehrer Publishers, Germany. The book looks at Atakan’s production inspired by the past, memories, social transitions, and female role models. Below is a conversation with Nancy Atakan on her book Passing On, effects of female … Continue reading