8th Cairo Video Festival: Carlo Ferraris’s I’m no longer obsessed with winning

6/8: I’m no longer obsessed with winning (2013) by Carlo Ferraris

m-est.org is one of the venues for the 8th Cairo Video Festival. Eight videos selected by Hassan Elhalwagy are hosted under the rubric of the story Please Try Again Later, unfolding over the course of eight days on m-est.org, February 6-14, 2017.

1/8: Boredom (2010) by Henry Gwiazda
2/8: Postface (2011) by Frédéric Moffet
3/8: The Pencil (2014) by Roberto Zanata
4/8: DVA ­No Survi (2014) by Admiral Kolencik & Peter Skala

5/8: BarbieWorld Experience Part 1 ­- overture (2014) by Dave Berg