Vasiyetimdir: Sinan Logie

This is my last will. 

For me, testaments are tools that perpetuate social inequities and that reproduce capital.

Therefore, I don’t have any since I don’t possess anything.

Within the frame of my artistic work, should I have any? I’m not sure. Maybe because during my years of practice as an architect, I learned that once a project is built, it doesn’t belong to you anymore. The users are appropriating it in ways that you weren’t expecting.

This is also true for my paintings. I usually work horizontally on the floor, having a vision all around the work. The canvas doesn’t have a direction for me. But once the hard physical process is over and the work is set vertically, it doesn’t belong to me anymore. It becomes a foreign object that I can enjoy for sure, but it’s not part of my work space. I once had a drawing cut into pieces by its owner because it wasn’t fitting the frame he had at home. Even if I have been shocked at first glance by this intervention on my work, today I feel totally comfortable with it.

So I can conclude by saying that I’m just interested (or happy) within the physical performance of painting. It’s ephemeral and it doesn’t need a testament.

Live light, live happy.

—March 2017 

In 1998, after his Architecture Studies at Institut Superieur d’Architecture Victor Horta in Brussels, Sinan started his collaboration with one of Belgium’s most progressive architecture office: L’EscautSince 2005, Sinan has developed his personal architectural and artistic work through various projects in Belgium and Turkey. He is currently working with OktemAykut Gallery in Galata. His work has been exhibited and published in Europe and Turkey. He is currently leading his researches and teaching architectural design studio courses at Istanbul Bilgi University. Sinan is the co-author, with Yoann Morvan of the recently published book ‘’Istanbul 2023’’ analyzing the urban spread of Istanbul. In 2015 Sinan co-founded with Yasar Adanali: Beyond Istanbul. An independent urban research institute, focusing on spatial justice issues. 

Vasiyetimdir* is a publication project that aims to explore how art works will subsist over long periods of time. Art works live in artist studios, private collections, museums, storage spaces, or simply in memories. But how far do the artists want to control what happens to their works when they are no longer? How do they want to exert their control? We directed these questions to the artists we are in dialogue with. We are accumulating their answers through

*Vasiyetimdir is a Turkish phrase that can roughly be translated into English as “It is my will that…” The phrase holds a tint of the melodramatic, mixed with a sentimental flair.

Vasiyetimdir was conceived by Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Özge Ersoy, and Merve Ünsal.