Vasiyetimdir: Güneş Terkol

“After I’m no more, what happened before
the residues
the invisible sounds
the works that remain in my studio and all the others
they must all be given away to friends
and this will be an excuse for a part of me
to get a chance to see them all.”

Güneş Terkol (b. 1981, Ankara, Turkey) lives and works in Istanbul. Terkol takes inspiration from her immediate surroundings, collecting materials and stories, which she weaves into her sewing pieces, videos, sketches and musical compositions. Recent solo exhibitions include: Galeri Nev, Ankara, Turkey (2017); Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul (2017); and Gallery NON, Istanbul (2014). Selected group exhibitions include: The girl was not there, 32nd Bienal de Sao Paulo (2016); ISTANBUL: PASSION, JOY, FURY, MAXXI, Rome (2015); 10th Gwangju Biennale, South Korea (2014); Better Homes, Sculpture Center, New York (2013); and Dream and Reality, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul (2011).

Translated from Turkish by Özge Ersoy

Vasiyetimdir* is a publication project that aims to explore how art works will subsist over long periods of time. Art works live in artist studios, private collections, museums, storage spaces, or simply in memories. But how far do the artists want to control what happens to their works when they are no longer? How do they want to exert their control? We directed these questions to the artists we are in dialogue with. We are accumulating their answers through

*Vasiyetimdir is a Turkish phrase that can roughly be translated into English as “It is my will that…” The phrase holds a tint of the melodramatic, mixed with a sentimental flair.

Vasiyetimdir was conceived by Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Özge Ersoy, and Merve Ünsal.